Portrait of Johannes Waltsgott

Hi. I'm Johannes Waltsgott.

And I'm a professional well-experienced Android Developer since 2013, with proven technical skills in the Android SDK, Java, Kotlin and JavaScript. I also offer services for (agile) project managment and consulting in the field of mobile applications.
Based in Spain at the moment, I prefer remote jobs mostly - but I'm happy to visit your site, if necessary.

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Here're all the things I do.

5+ years professional experience, backed with a Diploma in Media Computer Sience.

Android Apps

You want an App? You'll get an App - native or web-based, with your backend integrated neatly.

Project Management

I've worked with and sucessfully managed several teams of mobile, frontend and backend developers.


Not sure yet what you need or how to do it? MVP, SDK, APIs? Let's figure it out together!

Have me make nice stuff for you.

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